Subsea Protection Systems is a leading supplier of concrete mattresses and other protection and stabilisation products to the subsea industry. SPS designs and manufactures a wide range of solutions for the protection and stabilisation of pipelines, cables and other subsea assets.

SPS has developed an unrivalled reputation, supplying to all of the major subsea construction firms in oil & gas, offshore renewable and marine civil engineering projects around the world.

Concrete Mattresses provide a recognised engineering solution to several of the challenges faced in subsea pipeline constructions - Read more

Reinforced concrete, its comparative cost effect and corrosion resistant properties make it an ideal material for use in a range of subsea construction aids and applications. Pipeline supports are a commonly used structure for overlaping cables & subsea pipelines - Read more

SPS design and supply handling/ deployment systems for all of its products, for purchase or hire. Speedloaders are an alternative method for transportation for lifting multiple units - Read more

Latest News

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30th Jan 2015

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20th Nov 2014

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7th Nov 2014

Chevron Lianzi - Logmat order complete
5th Sept 2014

Enochdhu - Protectiom Covers mobilised
28th July 2014

Upper Zakum 750K - SPS Qatar order
20th May 2014